I’m a 28 year old father to 6. Asides from my family my main interests are cycling and computing!

Thankfully my job allows me to combine these beautifully as I work in IT support – The only downside is that I’m supporting Windows and not Ubuntu 😉 My job role means I can be working at a variety of sites all over the city and I’ve found the most enjoyable way to work is by cycling. I can leave my house and arrive at work in pretty much an hour or under and on the way have an absolutely great time and as I’m working at various different sites I get to mix up my routes weekly and sometimes even daily so it never really gets dull!

Since starting this blog originally to track my progress towards completing my first century ride I can now happily say I can tick that box in the cyclists “coming of age” ritual. I did it and loved every minute. You can read a much more detailed description in the write up posts I did elsewhere in the blog.

As the original focus has now changed this is most likely going to be used as  dump for my random ramblings, most of which will still be cycling related. I was also rather fortunate in that I got a rather nice helmet camera last Christmas so have joined the fellow ranks of h/c cyclists on Youtube in posting my good and bad experiences. Hit the link at the top to view my latest clips 🙂

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