Another great response

Now you’d have thought with all the recent reporting on cycle safety and awareness etc. that some people may be a little more careful when out on the roads or at least interested when complaints are made regarding bad driving.

Seems the message didn’t quite sink in with City Electrical Factor‘s who aren’t at all interested in following up my complaint regarding this piece of driving I recorded on the 27th February on my commute home

I’d say it’s fairly clear, I’m on a green at a crossroad, their van emerges from the right (narrowly missing the people coming the other way) and carries on up the road. If watched in slow motion I do a quick glance as I ride past the lights and you can see they are red!

The response I got from them having contacted them to notify them of this?

good morning sir

if you believe my driver and have proof that he broke the law then please refer your evidence to the police.


<name removed>

Well if you insist 🙂 Have now reported via Roadsafe

2 thoughts on “Another great response

    • I normally get a reply within 24-48 hours quoting a reference number. I pop this into the Google Docs sheet I use for tracking my keeping track of my clips and archive the mail.
      I followed up with RS regarding the PJ Brown incident and was advised a letter had been sent to the registered keeper. I did once get asked if I still had the original footage for a double RLJing scooter I caught, unfortunately I’d already deleted it. Have got into the habit of keeping the original un-edited videos for any RS reports for 1-2 weeks now just in case they are needed.

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