PJ Brown – No they don’t care..

Following on from my last post I was rather surprised to see another letter awaiting at home this evening once I got in with the House of Commons markings on the envelope 🙂 Not bad, that’s a quick response!


Well I guess this goes someway to explain the views expressed by the Transport Manager who first responded if this is what the MD is like! Both the drivers may consider their driving ‘satisfactory’, after all it is “their living at risk” (no mention of my living or actual life you’ll notice….) so I guess that’s fine! But you have to appreciate driving is “emotionally demanding” for everyone. Clearly Mr Brown completely ignores the stress that cyclists are put through by the small minority of selfish drivers who seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to terrorise vulnerable road users. Of course then there are those cyclists whose close encounters with HGV’s didn’t end with them being able to complain to the company themselves.

But then why bother listening to the person who rides around with a hidden agenda with my ‘hating’ of any road users other then cyclists…

FWIW Mr Brown, if you even bother to read this, I’m not anti-car and pro-bike I’m just anti-idiot – regardless of their chosen mode of transport.

And here’s the video of the pass that the MD thinks is acceptable.


8 thoughts on “PJ Brown – No they don’t care..

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  2. Robinsons and Stobarts both use roadhawk cameras in the HGV logistics rigs, iirc. There was a piece on Daily Politics 2 years ago about it. Odd and even potentially deliberately inflammatory that they’d denigrate a cyclist for using the same measures on the road.

  3. Open comment to the MD.

    Mr Brown, I ask you the following:

    You are driving on the same road in your car, at the same speed as the cyclist, then the trucks overtake you in the same manner inches from your door. They then also cut back in at the pinch points causing you to alter your speed and course so as to avoid a collision. Are you still as satisfied that their driving is beyond reproach?

    Now remove the metal safety curtain, and try to comprehend just how vulnerable cyclists must feel when subjected to such driving.


    A concerned cyclist, and driver.

  4. Seriously accuses you of having a hidden agenda and hating cars and anything else on the road other than a bike? What a toxic attitude to be coming from someone at the top of a company employing the use of HGVs on the roads. May this attitude be remembered should a company HGV be involved in any future collision that results in serious injury or death: a record of a dangerous attitude of the safety towards others going all the way to the top of the company.

  5. 1. The Brown HGV did not overtake you and give the recommended distance. It did not give you a safe distance neither. PJ Brown should be challenged on why they believe it is acceptable when clearly it was not safe to perform the overtaking move – as advised in the highway code.

    2. It should be pointed out to PJ Brown that it is ashame he believes that the “war” between cyclists and vehicles won’t end as wars are often perpetuated by people who refuse to change or admit fault.

    3. While you acknowledge the stress placed on OJ Brown’s drivers, you would hope that PJ Brown acknowledges the lives they endanger when their drivers perform unsafe overtaking moves or fail to follow the guidelines as depicted in the highway code.

    4. Your only agenda is to record your journey so that should your safety be imposed upon you have record of this for your continued safety.

    Lastly i would respond again and include a copy of the highway code with the letter.

  6. I have had another look at the video. In overtaking you, the Brown lorry crosses the solid white line. I presume you were going more than 10mph? That is ILLEGAL unless in an emergency. So I don’t agree with Mr MD that his driver’s driving was up to standard!!

  7. I was tail gated by a PJ Brown lorry on the A217 it was less than two feet of the boot of my car at 40mph. I rang to complain and from the tone and attitude of the person I spoke to I could tell he didn’t care. I was right never heard back from PJB. It appears PJ drivers hate all road users.

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