A change for the better!

Just wanted to post a quick update since the last 2 articles – mainly the one regarding going carless as it’s kinda fallen on it’s face.

Originally when I wrote that post we lived in a small 2 bed house, relatively close to 2 major supermarkets and 10 minutes walk from the kids school. Going without a car wasn’t going to be a complete ball ache.

Since then however we have had a rather fortunate turn of events. We have moved house! This may sound like something that we *should* have been aware off but due to us being housing association tenants and being overcrowded it was kind off thrust upon us! It was literally 2 1/2 weeks from us finding out about the new property to us moving in! Luckily it feel over the extended Easter break but what that did mean was my planned 11 days off work with the kids and wife turned into a mad cap session of trying to pack up 9 years of accumulated junk from 8 people and move it 4 miles across town!

Thankfully we had an incredible support network of friends and family and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped us with the move. The final Sunday with the hire van was probably the most tiring day I’ve ever experienced, give me 127 miles on the bike any day! I can say hand on heart we couldn’t have done it without you and I’m eternally grateful.

Asides from a small hiccup with a couple of appliances going walkies the first night(you thieving bastards!) we are starting to settle in to our new home. We now have 4 bedrooms and the kids have plenty of room to play and grow. Once we finally have everything sorted I’m sure we’ll be set for the next decade and chapter in our family 🙂

It has however meant we need to keep the car on for the time being. The children are still in their current school – it’s unlikely we are going to find spaces for 4 children across as many year groups at a single school atm, so we’ll most likely look into moving them in September. A real shame as their current school is one of the best in the old borough 😦 As such the car is still needed for the school run. Getting 6 kids across town on 2 buses isn’t easy at the best of times. Try this during the school rush hour and it’s a recipe for disaster!

I’ll also admit the car did come in useful for the move itself. The fact that with the seats in the right configuration it turns into a small van meant we could shift quite a bit of our stuff in the car and also become rather friendly with the staff at the local tip as a result of clearing out 9 years worth of stuff we didn’t really need to keep 🙂