New gadgets

Well I’ve now taken the plunge and become a fully fledged helmet cam cyclist! The helmet mount for the Contour arrived last Wednesday and I’ve started videoing my rides 🙂

It’s rather interesting having a camera that records your every action. Some people seem to be under the impression that helmet cam riders get into more conflicts or seek out chances to put themselves in danger. I actually think it’s quite the opposite. Since getting my camera I’m thinking more about my actions, it’s all well and good saying or even thinking I’m a good cyclist but I now can back that up or disprove it with the video.

My wife has so far refused to watch any of my recordings. I think we sat down and watched some parts of the very first recordings I did with the Contour but this was mainly out of her interest in wanting to see the quality of the captured footage. She has heard and read the tales of my exploits in The Game and knows I can be a little bit of a daredevil! This isn’t helped by the wide angle of the camera making some of the gaps I filter into appear a lot narrower then they actually are in real life, again this is great for reflecting on your riding as I have thought a few times “Bloody hell that was tight!”.

As has now become common with helmet cam wearing cyclists I want to share both the good and the bad things that I capture whilst out riding. So far I’ve posted one instance of bad driving and contributed some footage towards another bloggers video as we both captured the same incident after bumping into each other whilst commuting to London last Friday. I’m sure as I complete more rides with the camera I’ll build up a good collection of (hopefully) both the good and bad. Also since appearing on Gaz’s video I’ve had a flood of views and news subscribers (hello if your reading this!) so I now feel even more obliged to upload some quality content 🙂

I can’t say that since starting to use the camera I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of good and bad driving I’ve noticed, yes I may be more aware of when it happens as I can now make a mental note to find and review it later in the day. In any case feel free to checkout my Youtube channel, there isn’t much on there yet but I still have potentially another couple of small incidents I can add once I pull out the video from last week, nothing too serious though just a red light jumping motorbike and some ninja cyclsts 😉

The attentive among you may also be wondering what the second gadget was? Well spotted! This one is yet another camera, a Muvi-clone that I’m hoping to get properly mounted to the rear of the bike. I’m currently on the 2nd iteration of the mount but it’s not too stable and the captured video is useless unless I’m sat at lights! I have plans to make a sturdier mount but other little projects around the house keep getting in the way so for the time being it’s only forward facing footage!


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