Relight my fire

Been a while since I’ve posted on here so I thought I’d try and start again.

I got a phone call from one of my friends last night asking if I had anything planned and could they pop over? Of course I said! Never one to turn down an evening of company he then also asked would I like a bonfire 🙂 Burning things has always been a proper “man thing” so off I went to help him finish taking apart his dad’s old garden bench and load it into my car (some rather large pieces of wood).

The first nice surprise of the night was pulling up outside my friends parents house and finding a (the possibly THE) Team Sky Jaguar parked up! It looked like the team car with the left hand drive, antennas and mini satellite dish and screens throughout but it was also loaded up with 4 bikes, which from some estimates of the price of a complete team bike I reckon it had about £50K worth of bike on board 😀

Once I peeled myself away from that, helped my mate finish removing the last few screws and took it back to mine we got cracking on the bonfire. We’re rather proud of this one as it was probably one of the best controlled ones we’ve had. So much so I had to get a picture of the “before” and took some during.You’ll have to excuse the quality on that one, took it with my phone as didn’t have the proper camera out yet.

Once it got going it went off really well. The fire stayed pretty much where we wanted it until it collapsed after the central support had burnt enough. I was snapping pics of the flames as I just love the organic nature of the flames and capturing them still is great. Here’s my personal favourite:

The reason I liked this one was the contrast between the piece of burnt wood in the foreground and the fire in the back with another piece just visible in the middle. After this it carried on burning in a very nice and manageable way and eventually ended up with a small(ish) pile of burning embers. On inspection this morning I now have a bit less grass in the garden but it’s always worth it 🙂