A Good Week

Sometimes everything just seems to click and I think I’m having one of those weeks!

It all really started last Friday when I got a surprise phone call from the mobile operator (Virgin Media) to see how I was doing with my current phone/price plan. As it happens I was having a few issues – mainly that the phone I got from them had started playing around at about 13 month old 😦 I consequently was using an older handset to tide me over until I was due my upgrade.

Turns out they could do me a “special” deal but as it transpired the phone I wanted to out of stock – silly me wanting the current popular phone! No fear tho stocks are expected back Monday and a callback was agreed.

Come Sunday and I’d decided that as a final “big ride” before the Main Event the following Sunday I’d try and complete one of my personal goals – a ride to a office I work at in Woking, the only office that I haven’t ridden to on during my normal commutes! I had a fairly straightforward route planned that basically got me to my current furthest out cycle-commute worksite in Thames Ditton and then carried on down that main road until it finished at which point I turned right onto another road that I was familiar with from my previous job-role as a field engineer! This again was a nice straight along route that meet up with my usual drive-in route for the office.

My estimations where 26ish miles which I reckoned I’d knock out in about 1 1/2 hours. I counted off the “landmarks” as I headed out. First my usual ones then I got onto the new roads. The new roads actually turned out to be great fun and I wish I had roads like that on my commute more regularly! Not to potholed, but as it was an A-road not that many stop/starts and enough undulations to keep it interesting! I passed over the A3 and M25 during the route (I get a perverse sense of satisfaction by crossing major roads!) and even got treated to a bevy of classic cars due to a show that was taking place down in Woking which pleased the petrol head side of me 🙂

I finally did it

Well there’s the obligatory pic I took to prove my feat! I checked the time when I arrived and me estimation was pretty much spot on for the door-to-door 🙂

The ride back was even more fun as I set a new PB for an average speed for a single journey – 20mph over 26.5 miles and also the whole day with 19mph for the 52 mile round trip!

Once home I gave the bike a proper good clean in preparation for the Magnificat on Sunday! The rear Crud Roadracer was removed and I swear my bike will be about 500g lighter with all the shite I washed off it! The chain is now sparkling silver again and has a nice coat of oil on 🙂

This brings me onto the week! I got the call from Virgin as expected on Monday morning and after a few brief exchanges of words I’d agreed to a new 2 year contract and was told my HTC Desire would be sent out via UPS and due to arrive Tuesday 🙂

As a bit of a surprise Tuesday went fairly quickly at the office and the traffic was kind to me meaning I got home nice and quickly to start tinkering with my new toy and I love it! Had a small scare initially as after I did a phone software update upon rebooting the HTC Sense app kept crashing 😦 This being the main GUI for the phone it meant it was looking like a fancy paperweight, however thanks to a bit of Google-Fu I found a solution which was to basically do a reset – something I was anticipating but had to find the correct procedure!

So it’s now Thursday and my last day working this week before my long weekend where I’ll hopefully crack a few more cycling goals……..


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