New bikes

Got to try out a few new bikes yesterday! Technically it was only 1 new bike as I’d ridden the other 3 models before but it was still huge fun!

It was all thanks to the lovely London Recumbants at Dulwich Park, who hire out various bikes/trikes by the hour for to ride around on 🙂

I hired myself one of the adult banana bikes, got a Nihola child carrying bike out for my dad and a combination of banana trikes and some other neat trikes for the smaller kids.

The adult banana trike was great fun. Even tho the gearing was a little low for really high speeds it was still huge fun to get the speed up then slalom up the path! I did learn an important lesson tho – NO HARSH CORNERING AT HIGH SPEEDS!! Doing so can result in firstly you ending up on 2 wheels and POSSIBLY tipping yourself out…….I didn’t *quite* go that far but being up on 2 wheels is good fun! Also the back-pedal braking takes a while to get used to, especially when heading towards a bush!!

We completed 1 full lap of the park before meeting up with the rest of the family and then proceeded to swap bikes. I had a go on the Nihola again which was as much fun as I remember from last time (even more so actually, the wet surfaces meant sliding the rear was even easier!) and my dad got the hang of the banana bike quite well and was actually lapping the small traffic island with good speed! I even had a go on the smaller kids trike which was a proper fixed gear which meant I go pedal backwards to go backwards!

We managed to capture some pictures of the “action”

Banana Trike - huge fun albeit a bit undergeared for speeding 🙂

The biggest kid there 🙂

The Nihola child carrier bike - one that I'd seriously consider buying as it's so damn functional and fun 🙂


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