2 weeks!

It’s now just over 2 weeks until ride day. I’m feeling rather positive as I completed one of my main goals a few weeks back, but haven’t got round to blogging about it!

This “goal” was to set a new PB for daily mileage with a ride of at least 80 miles. I ended up doing 81 and feeling remarkably good at the end of it! I don’t want to try riding any further then that between now and event day and I then maybe tempted to do a century and I want to wait for that!!

I set out with a rough idea of where I wanted to head and just rode. I missed a turn or 2 but in doing so I found some excellent cycling roads heading away from Box Hill and managed to successfully avoid the slip road to jct 9 of the M25 🙂 On the return leg I took in a small section of the Surrey Cycleway Link along Headley Road which was a lovely ride and then managed to again find my way back to somewhere I recognised!

Since then I used the following weekend to get the garden sorted. The cherry plants have now taken up their final place of residence in the fruti/veg patch. Our flowering stock has beeb planted along the front to try and tempt some friendly bees in, or at least that is the intention once they blossom. The proudest part tho IMHO is the hanging basket that I fixed to the wall for the strawberries 🙂 I can’t wait until the grow a bit and tumble over the side! By mid-summer when they are covered in strawberries it’ll look fab! I also cleared out the otherside of the garden which had (as usual) been used as a bulky rubbish dumping ground over the winter…..I even re-discovered my old road bike which is patiently waiting for a SS conversion! One day maybe…..


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