My girly girls

I’ve never really encouraged the typical gender stereotypes with any of the kids so I suppose I should really be surprised when my 4 girls spent almost the entire time I was digging up the vegetable patch searching for worms!

They don’t appear to be bothered by the dirty, slimy things and positively adore finding all the mini-beasts so I suppose I shouldn’t really have been surprised as to what was the highlight of our short weekend bike ride.

It all started after I fitted the tag-a-long bike to the newly refurbished bike at my parents house. It made sense to have it there as all the kids bikes are there so we can then go out riding. Of course once it was fitted we *had* to go out for a ride so I took them around one of my favourite routes from when I was young which involved some “off road” (large grassy verge) riding. Ella wasn’t to interested in this as it was much easier to ride on the pavement but my co-pilots didn’t seem to mind! Charlotte did moan that it was a bit too bumpy for her but Francesca seemed to love being dragged along by me! I was trying to make it was exciting as possible by racing round the trees and finding the bumpier sections! Much like their dad they are getting a taste for speed but none of this is what they told mummy about when we got back, oh no it was something much more interesting………a dead badger 🙂 In fact it was so fascinating we had to stop again on the second time round so Charlotte could have a look and Gabriella pointed out she could see where it was injured! Isobel seemed fascinated with trying to poke the dead carcass and was quite upset when I told her “NO!”

One thing I did learn from those couple of rides, asides from my girls fascination with dead wildlife, is that I really should take them out for more rides. Whilst I do really enjoy getting out for rides myself it’s even more fun when I can hear them giggling and yelling along with me 😀 Roll on summer when it warms up and I’ll be hitting all the local parks with my 4 budding cyclist – Nicole Cooke watch out!


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