Ikea Bicycle Parking Fail

After a phone call from the other half last night as I was leaving work I ended up detouring to meet the family at our local Ikea store for a spot of shopping and dinner.

As usual I was on my bike so I rode into the car park and made my way round to the big “Bicycle Parking” sign on the side of the store and found this

Invisible racks! What a good idea......

I can only assume it’s some sort of space saving bicycle parking 😦

Ended up locking the bike to some of the railings at the bottom of the massive chimneys that stand in the car park, a good 50 yards from the store entrance. No other railings really looked suitable and I didn’t want to attach them to the ones for the trolley parks (although someone else had left their BSO locked up to them by the time we left)

Might forward the picture to Ikea customer services especially as the store used to offer fully enclosed bicycle boxes/sheds to lock bikes up in but they have seemingly vanished!


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