A good place

I think I’d be lying if I said the last few days haven’t been just wonderful.

It all started last week where a change of work plans meant I’d be able to work from home the last 2 days of the week. Ideal as I had a half day on the Thursday and the eldest was doing her class assembly on the Friday morning 🙂

The half day on the Thursday was booked so I could go to the hospital with the wife for the 20 week scan on our 6th child! Scan was great but we then had an appointment booked with the consultant to discuss how we are going to proceed with regards to the birth.

Our previous history in a nutshell as been C/S, followed by 2 natural births in hospital, a natural birth at home and finally a C/S. As usual we are expecting to have a large baby (the smallest so far was the 2nd @ 9lb 6oz, biggest 11lb 7oz) and due to the 2 previous C/S she is classed as a “complicated” birth. I think we where both rather nervous as we waited patiently for the consultant in the side-room. When his assistant came through and we started talking I thought I was dreaming.

She pretty much said they would support us in our decision to try and have a natural birth! This came as a huge shock as with the last 3 they have tried various scare tactics to try and bully us into having a C/S. Thankfully my wife is rather well read on the various risks associated with this so will usually challenge them if they give unusually high statistics but found that none of that was needed this time. Immediately I could sense she had calmed down and I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders as it actually felt as if we had the hospital on our side rather then trying to block our attempts at a natural birth. A strong emphasis was placed on the fact that they couldn’t do anything that the wife didn’t consent to. She knows all to well that she doesn’t labour well if restricted to a bed and hooked up to a monitor. During the homebirth of our 4th daughter she did the whole thing with no pain relief as she was just left to “get on with it” (for want of a better phrase) it was an incredible experience to be able to lay down to sleep early that morning with my wife and our daughter who was about an hour old 😀

On the Friday the work that I was doing was rather repetitive so I took a break in the morning to see the eldest do her assembly and then again in the afternoon to attend the playgroup with the wife and no.5 (I’m a big kid and love a good play so a chance to have a mess around with mine and a couple of other kids is one I’d rarely pass up!) It was then that I realized another advantage of working from home. I could work “late” to make up for the extra time I’d taken out during the day which also worked out well as I was working when the kids had gone to bed so could concerntrate better 🙂

Of course all this goodness couldn’t have gone un-answered as it appears the kids had picked up a vomitting bug……queue 4 of them with Exorcist style vomitting sessions and each one being issued a sick bucket! Despite our best effort pretty much all the soft covers and bedsheets have needed to visit the washing machine over the weekend! It’s amazing how well you develop the ability to breath via your mouth as a parent 🙂


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