Not long now…..

I think I need an alarm clock at work! It seems spring is creeping up on me a bit faster then I expected as I rode home for the first time this year today in something that wasn’t darkness!

Of course I don’t mean true darkness as my commute is all town based but it was rather pleasant to leave work and only really need the lights on my bike on and not need to use the ones on my helmet 🙂

The only problem is that I hadn’t realized how quickly the days are drawing out again so my mental queue to start getting ready, i.e. it getting dark outside is getting later and later!

If was about 17:19 when I realized this and it was still “just” daylight outside as a quick check on the clock in my systemtray confirmed that sunset today was at 17:20 (a nice feature of Ubuntu!) Give it a month of so and the lights can come off the bike and then it’s my favourite time of year again!

In other bike related news I did my longest ride of the year on Sunday, almost doubling my previous best! A Croydon-Westerham-Redhill loop that resulted in 40 damp and cold miles being added to the bank! It seems the short commutes aren’t doing me any favors as it was certainly a bit more difficult then I anticipated but that could also have been down to poor preparation – a donor/kofte combi kebab isn’t exactly good carb loading and I certainly starting feeling it from about halfway round!

Can’t wait for the end of the month now, 60 miles with some excellent company is now only 11 days away 🙂


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