Red Tape

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post about useless bureaucracy, although I could easily fill a few paragraphs with such rants!

No instead this red tape is the lovely new Specialized S-Wrap that is adorning the new handlebars of my bike after the recent demise of the last pair earlier in the week (see Clunk Snap for details)

I eventually managed to get it all fitted yesterday after effectively quarantining myself and the bike in my parents conservatory whilst my better half kept the little ones out from under daddies feet 🙂

I was a little apprehensive about applying the bar tape, having never done this before I had horrible visions of it all going terribly wrong and I’d end up with a horribly messy finish. Thankfully it all went quite well 🙂 After re-reading the recommendations in my bike maintenance book I started at the bottom of the drops and started wrapping the tape around the bars, overlapping by about a third each time and even managed to get round the brake levers and start on the tops before I realized I hadn’t quite gone round the brakes properly and so left a gap!!

A second attempt and it was looking good and I eventually managed to trim it off and cover the end with some black tape so it looked nice and tidy 🙂 In fact I’d say the fiddliest part was getting the plug in the end of the bar! I just couldn’t quite get all the tape to stay in before whacking the plug in so ended up poking it in and holding it in place with the plug until I had most of it in and then just pressing and hoping for the best 🙂

The other side went just as well and as I stood back to admire my latest bit of fettling I couldn’t help but feel rather proud at what a nice job I’d done for my first attempt, heck it might not be “perfect” but it’s my bike and I’m happy with it!

Well here’s the finished article:

The tape is red, it’s just appearing pink due to the flash on my phone firing 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to test ride with the new tape yet but initial inspection and tests of the various positions I’d ride in (namely on the hoods and on the drops) feel very cosy! During the week I couldn’t have had the hoods back on quite right as I’d been getting hand pains on the commute home so hopefully this should help and a comfy handlebar setup will be essential to the Magnificat!


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