Clunk Snap

I think those 2 words pretty much sum up the odd experience I had whilst cycling in today, I was actually pretty glad it didn’t happen yesterday whilst I was climbing Succombs Hill or coming down Sanderstead Hill as the outcome could have been nasty!!

It all started off with a rather odd clunk noise as I pulled away from one set of lights in Camberwell. I didn’t think to much of it at first as the bike often makes weird noises, mainly due to my rather sparse maintenance routine! The only difference this time was that it came from near my LH brake lever and not the bottom bracket. At the next set of lights I’ve once again gone to pull off and this time there was a definite snap noise and my LH STI unit sunk a bit……..oh crap this isn’t good!!

I carefully pulled over to the side of the road and had a quick inspection. Pressing down on the LH side of the drops confirmed the only thing holding it onto the rest of my handlebar was the bar tape and brake cabling O_O

I figured I could keep riding as long as I kept my left hand on the tops and just used the right hand for braking/gear change duty. Thankuly I only had about 3 miles left, but in those 3 miles I did have to tackle the double roundabouts at Elephant and Castle. Those from London will know these roundabouts can be a bit risky when you have handlebars that are joined together and both brakes so today I took them extra carefully!

Luckily tho I was working with a very understanding colleague today who didnt mind me nipping out briefly to purchase a new set of bars and I managed to get them swapped over during my lunch break so I don’t have to get the train home tonight! All I need to do now is purchase some bar tape and learn how to apply that…..I can sense a few expletives being uttered!!!

Pics to follow once I get home and upload them, the busted bars look rather bad……

EDIT: Sorry it’s taken it while to get pics up – been rather lazy!

Structural integrity appears to have been effected somewhat……

Hmm, quite serious cracking there…..

The completed repair, bar tape has been purchased and is still waiting to be applied!


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