A new experience

I certainly had an rather fun commute this morning! Seems the snow overnight took everyone by surprise and what with the reported shortages of road grit this mornings ride in wasn’t the usual flying sprint that I usually muster!

I must say though that on the whole it was hugely enjoyable. The cars where slowed down somewhat and seemed to be in no apparent rush to try and kill me, which was nice as I was concerntrating on trying to find the best bit of road for traction with my skinny tyres 😀

Despite the appalling conditions I did spot a few numpties in their tin-boxes. Several drivers on phones (especially annoying considering they are doing this near a school with kids around!!!) and others who whilst they actually put their lights to make themselves (presumably) easier too see then neglect to actually clear the snow off them 🙂

Once I got passed what I thought would be the hairer bits, namely the small railway bridge that was covered in slushy ice and the small block of tight turns in town I was greeted with pretty much clear (traffic-wise) slightly less slushy roads i the town centre which allowed me to make up *some* lost time.

Ride home was just like a wet day, I really do hope this weather sorts itself out sooner rather then later – snow is great for the kids but can really ruin the fun of a commute on a road bike!


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