They stole my idea!

Someone must have had our office bugged last week as I stood there looking out over the shite Croydon skyline from our high vantage point.

Shite is probably to strong a word as at this time it looked rather pretty due to the lovely fresh covering of snow it had recently received. One piece that did capture my imagination was the top floor of the multi-storey car park with it’s virgin covering of snow un-touched a way below us…..

“We should head over there at lunch time and draw a huge comedy cock on there!” I said to my mate. The idea was muled over but like most things it just got shelved as one of those random conversations. Besides we didn’t have the correct tools…….

Imagine my surprise when we should spot this evening that someone else has gone and done it! As this is The Internet I know the rules: Pics or it didn’t happen! I did try but unfortunately it being dark outside and having to take a picture from inside on a phone (with flasth) I was doomed before I started. That and I was running late. I shall try again tomorrow when it’s daylight and post the resulting picture tomorrow.

Edit: As promised here is the photographic proof!


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