My manager once said it was a sign that I was becoming a proper IT technician that I was consuming more and more coffee. I personally blame it on those blasted coffee machines that make it so quick and easy to get a cup of black gold compared to the manual labour of brewing a nice cup of cha 😉

Having now acquired a very basic coffee machine I’m experimenting with various ground coffees at home to find one that I really enjoy – as I have a crap memory I’m gonna keep a record on here of what I think of each!

Today it’s Asda’s Extra Special Java Volcanic Island.

Rated as a strong (5) it certainly is rather potent, so much so that I might adjust the amount that I use to make a cup. Nice and smooth with a good after taste.
It’s not the best that I’ve tried, evidenced by how long it’s been since I last had a cup since today!

Rating 7/10


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